Children’s Education

Our Sunday school teaching is based on the Bible and the Shorter Catechism. At Providence, we celebrate each child as a gift from God and desire to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.   



Our nursery staff is committed to sharing God's love to all toddlers and infants through age two.  The nursery is available during the Sunday School hour as well as the worship services. During Sunday School, the little ones have the opportunity to join in the fun of a brief circle time lesson, snack, and coloring activity.

For nursing mothers, there are rocking chairs with a pull curtain for those who would like a private area in which to nurse. When dropping off your child, we ask that you please fill out all of the information on the sign-in sheet so we can offer the best care to them.


At Providence Presbyterian Church, we provide biblical education for all children. For youngsters in preschool through fifth grade, we have three different classrooms available, based on developmental and educational needs. The way we group children is based less on age/grade level and more focused on what is best for the individual child. This enables us to have every single kid in a comfortable, enriching setting that helps them grow closer to Christ. By giving them authentic experiences that help them relate to the Bible and what it teaches, we can plant the seeds of a relationship with God that can blossom throughout adulthood. We do this because it is our call to make disciples, and that begins with children.



Providence welcomes and encourages children to participate in the worship service.  During the sermon portion of the 10:30 service, we do offer a separate worship time for children age 3 through kindergarten.  Church leaders and parent volunteers lead the children in age-appropriate worship and educate them on what Biblical worship is all about - God.  We pray, sing songs, explore accounts from the Bible and talk about their relevance, review Catechism questions, color or prepare a craft, and enjoy a snack.

The curriculum for Bible stories follows a two year rotation, covering the entire Bible. Worship time also allows children to practice saying the Lord's Prayer and discuss what this memorized scripture teaches us about prayer and worship.


We welcome children in grades Kindergarten through 5th to attend Providence Kids Youth Group, even if they are not part of Providence Church.  Our time together includes looking at God’s Word and discussing how it can be applied to our daily lives, a small snack, and a craft or activity which connects to the lesson.

Providence Kids builds relationships and encourages serving and supporting others.  Our service to others has been as simple as praying for each other, or as organized as collecting items for those in need.

We are currently learning the updated vision of our church.  It is important for all members to participate in order to work toward accomplishing this vision.  Providence Kids will be exploring how even the youngest members can ENGAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER.  We are using Romans 12:10 and I Corinthians 12:4-6 to learn how Jesus gives us our "vision" and prepares us to live it out.

We meet the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month from September through June. We typically gather one or two times over the summer months as well.  Please join us from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.