May 6

Team: Patrick, britney, Laura, amanda, Holly

Gathering: in awe of grace

Song Set: jesus paid it all (th 308) // lion of judah

Offertory: grace         --(youtube)--

Closing: amazing grace (th 460) (verse 1)


May 13

Team: Patrick, britney, laura, amanda, matt, Wes, Holly

Gathering: king of love          --(youtube)--

Song Set: all to jesus i surrender (th 562) // as the deer // in christ alone

Offertory: hills and valleys (just patrick at the piano)

Closing: be still my soul (th 689) (verses 1 and 4)


May 20

Team: Patrick, britney, laura, amanda, Wes, Holly

Gathering: I love you lord

Song Set: here i am to worship // lord speak to me that i may speak (th 561) // jesus keep me near the cross (th 264) (pdf in progress...)

Offertory: my prayer          --(youtube)--

Closing: i love you lord


May 27