All applicants are asked to submit the following…
1) A letter of introduction
2) A current resume or CV
3) Application Form (email for a copy)
4) An outline of a Bible lesson for teens.

Job Description—Director of Youth and Young Adults

Purpose of the position: The purpose of the Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Providence is to help our members in their teens and twenties follow Jesus Christ. The Director of Youth and Young Adults (DYYA) will implement this by practicing Providence’s vision directives: He will lead the Youth and Young Adults to engage in relationships with people who are new to them at PPC and in the community. He will work to equip the Youth and Young Adults to love and serve Jesus Christ, which will involve praying for and with them, modeling and teaching the truth of God’s Word and living a consistent life of faith alongside of them. He will empower the Youth and Young Adults to own and expand the ministries of PPC. This will involve listening to their hopes and dreams for ministry while discerning their gifts and supporting their efforts to serve, giving them full authority to accomplish the task.
To accomplish this, the DYYA must possess an excellent knowledge of the Scriptures and agree with the theology contained in the Westminster Standards. He must be a competent teacher who is growing as a shepherd. He must be a good example of a man of faith.  He will maintain excellent communication with the parents of PPC’s young people, always living a life that secures their confidence. This position is one of leadership and will involve three areas of competency: Devotion, Disciple-making, and Drive.
Devotion: The Director Youth and Young Adults must be actively pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ which must include regular personal Bible study and prayer. This devotional life should bear fruit of the Holy Spirit, namely; “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23).
Disciple-making: The work of the Director Youth and Young Adults will involve obedience to Jesus command to make disciples through evangelism and training in righteousness. He must regularly invite people to personally trust Jesus for salvation. His life of personal devotion and love for others combined with a winsome articulation of the gospel must mark his ministry (1 Timothy 4:12-13). He will also actively invest in the lives of believers, helping them to live lives consistent with the Word of God (Colossians 1:2829).  
Drive: The Director Youth and Young Adults will have a drive to continually expand the Youth and Young Adults ministries in depth and breadth. He must be introspective and circumspect. He will regularly examine his own heart to understand his gifts and God’s calling in order to be as effective as possible (Revelation 2:17). He will seek to minister from his gifts, empowering those around him to complement his ministry with their strengths (Ephesians 4:12). By knowing the people of Providence and their needs, he will design ministry to maximize their faith and gifts. By understanding our community he will seek to find effective ways of inviting people to personally trust Jesus Christ.

Expectations of the position:

The DYYA will report directly to the Senior Pastor and will function under the oversight of the Pastoral Associate. With the competencies listed above as the foundation of his life and ministry, the DYYA shall function as a shepherd in gathering and feeding the flock under his care.


- Plan and lead gatherings for the Youth and Young Adults. 
 - Implement a strategy to expand his sphere of influence in the community. 
 - Assist the youth and young adults to plan and implement successful outreach events .
 - In consultation with the pastoral staff, find ways to engage the youth and young adults in meaningful relationships with the adult members of PPC.


- Plan and implement significant times of teaching the Word of God. 
 - Equip the youth and young adults to live consistent lives of faith. 
 - Empower the youth and young adults to invest in the lives of other members of PPC. 
 - In consultation with the Pastoral Staff, teach the youth and young adults the tenets of our faith, while calling them to actively believe.