The Bible is Truth

At Providence, we are convinced that the Bible is truth, so we want to learn how to build our lives on that truth.  Our theological heritage traces back to the Protestant Reformation and men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox.  The Protestant Reformation revived the Biblical perspective on four theological concepts.  These concepts affect our ministry at Providence.  They are…

1.  Regeneration—the work of God bringing a sinner to life.  We plant the seed of the gospel and pray that God might bring life from it.

2.  Conversion—repentance and faith—which is the first indication of regeneration.  Each person must come to a point in which they turn from sin by trusting Jesus as their personal Savior.

3.  Justification—forgiveness and receiving the imputed righteousness of Christ—which allows the sinner to be reconciled to God.  A firm grasp of what God has done to bring us close to Him is essential for the Christian life.

4.  Sanctification—being set apart to God which is shown by living for Him.

sanctification tree_page1_image1 (2).png

These concepts and their relationship to one another can be understood by a picture of a fruit tree.  The farmer plants the seeds which enter the soil of a man’s heart.  God alone can bring life from the seed.  As He does, the roots of regeneration push through the ground in conversion, forming the trunk of the tree which is justification.  The fruit of the tree is sanctification which flows from justification.

By focusing on all four of these ideas and remembering their relationship to one another, we hope to effectively help every man, woman, and child trust Jesus Christ.