On March 12th, from 7-9 pm, Providence Presbyterian Church is hosting a town hall meeting with Refuge Ministries (https://refugeministries.com/).  Pastor Shane Waldron, the founder of Refuge Ministries, and Sissy Hashley, the current director, will be explaining the ministry and how churches can implement a discipleship ministries for survivors of oppression.  Refuge Ministries provides a Bible based discipleship curriculum following the acrostic    S A F E.
         ·         See the abuse
         ·         Achieve safety
         ·         Find healing in Christ
         ·         Establish new patterns

We want to see churches laboring together to battle abuse.  It is our hope that following this town hall, churches throughout our area will choose to begin Refuge Ministries.  We can assist one another as we stand with Jesus to “set free those who are oppressed” (Luke 4:18). 

Please fill out the registration below if you will be attending.  Thank you for joining us.

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