Adult Education at Providence Presbyterian

Our highest goal is to make the children and adults of Providence into disciples of Jesus Christ through the teaching, study and application of the Scriptures.

The Values on Which Our Sunday School Program is Based


Because we believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God and the Christian’s only rule of faith and practice, all of our classes, seminars and programs will be heavily based on the teachings of Scripture.


Providence places a high value on the practical ‘heart application’ of the truths of Scripture and therefore, none of our educational forums are simply ‘intellectual practices.’


Providence is a ‘confessional’ church, meaning we accept the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms as a concise summary of the teachings of Scripture yet subordinate to the Word of God.


Each teacher and instructor is approved by the elders of the church as competent to interpret and teach the Scriptures and, able to instruct students toward discipleship. 


To achieve our stated goal of making disciples, we strive for small classroom size to maximize interaction, provide opportunities for further study outside of the classroom, and encourage deepening relationships among the students.

Fall Adult Class             September 9 - December 2  

 The Pilgrim’s Progress

Is your life hard? The Christian life is. Jesus told us to take  up our cross and follow him. When he carried his cross he collapsed, yet it was one of the easiest parts of his torture. He endured the full wrath of God so we don't have to, but calls us to share the "easy" part. Like Jesus, we will collapse under our cross and need help from Him and his people. John Bunyan knew this as well as anyone. His book, The Pilgrim's Progress, pictures the challenges, confusions, failures, victories,  setbacks, advances, adversaries, friendships, and final glory of the Christian life. Come study this road map of the Christian life with us to gain wisdom, encouragement, and strength for the journey. The road we walk is an old one. We follow Jesus who went before us and secured our citizenship in the Celestial City. He will see us to the end, and The Pilgrim's Progress is one of the aids he gives to help us meet him there.